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Toyin Ayandare

Toyin Ayandare, is a value driven property developer/ investor who strongly believes and advocates creation of wealth and successfully doing this through property investment and Developments.

Toyin’s resilience and can do attitude has helped them power through numerous challenges and barriers to create a successful property Business IconRange - creating real value in people and places.

Toyin has helped numerous people achieve financial freedom through property, and continue to do so.

Retiring from Project Management and to build their property business and create the lifestyle of freedom of choice, Toyin is an avid believer of a Growth mindset who loves inspiring others into achieving their goals.

Luxury travel and creating unforgettable memories with family and friends is one of their favourite past times.

#025 Property Prejudice on International Women's Day - Toyin Ayandare

March 8, 2022

Welcome back to Property on Fire! On this episode, you'll hear a brief update on some of Ian's developments. In South Devon, many of the 22 flats are occupied. The next phase in the development includes turning bungalows i…